How do YOU use DSL on your box?

In the last six months or so,
I've seen many different and interesting ways that the
DSL distro is being put to work by the userbase.

While the stock DSL does come complete with many light and fast
apps and servers, many times the needs of the user require
that another program or application be used that offers more
features or functions not available in the distro.

Here is where the fun comes in , designing your own personal
distro from base .iso up to run in your DSL box..
Where you are the master of its design, events and purpose.
Shaping the distro to be much more than a "LiveCD"

Here is a short list to start..

*MP3 server - Edna*
Car MP3 player
House stereo system
Home entertainment library

*FTP server - betaFTP , PureFTP*
Distributing custom iso's
Making documents and files available to yourself "On the Road"

*Web server - Monkey , Apache*
Hobby Promotion - Ham Radio , Computer Case Design
Business front - Sales , Contact info
Distro or Application Homesite - Software , Blogs

*Graphics - Gimp , Impress , Qcad , NVu*
Web design
Graphics and engineering

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web based under achiever

Normally, I use DSL for surfing the net and viewing web pages. Sometimes I use IRC. I don't need all of the bells and whistles, I'm fine with a little surfing and a little chatting. I liked the inclusion of firefox in the new version. The only thing I think I'd need is a spell checker.


Currently I am running a frugal install of on a dedicated box with a MyDocuments symlink to the hda5 partition (created at boot in This allows me to boot to a clean environment to creat/run .dsl files or I can fire it up and us it as a temporary ftp server.

I have many more future plans. Does anyone know how to increase a day from 24hrs to something like 36 or 48? ;-)


I don't use DSL as a workstation...I'm too dependent upon OpenGL. I use it to load up a decent operating system when all that is available is windows, but mostly I mess around with myDSL packages to learn more about how programs work and how they interact with each other in a linux system.


Digital Forensics
Watching Flicks
Web Hosting-Biz and Charity
screwing around...

A/V,learning linux

A/V horsing around is my high interest,now we
have Xine, Audy, etc.Plus I want to put my
"fossil" records on disk.
Take it to work to talk to equipment I repair,
and avoid W2k/IT department.(Picocom)
Talk to my Palm.(I can hear the clever comments
already!) with a rough Jpilot.dsl.
Made a xawtv.dsl too.
Now use DSL pretty much all the time rather than
fire up main RH9/KDE install.But the best thing
is how much I've learned in the past year or so,
if only from the forums alone.
And such a long way to go....

messing around

Personally, I haven't had a chance to use DSL for much. My main computer hates linux, and the one I plan on dedicating to the task is unavailable at the moment. But what I have seen is great, and I'll be using it for multimedia when I've got it set up.

Now, if someone could tell me how to add apps without internet access, I could be truly happy. you can email me the answer at