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DSL as a Gaming Platform (or) How can I get my kids off M$

Well I wrote this once, but when I went to "preview", I'm guessing
I was autologged off, and lost it ALL.. ( boo.. )

There are many threads in the forums answering the tough, technical questions about using the new Xfree/3D extensions, but I wanted to post about my experiences with them, and my kids reactions to them as this new side to DSL develops. I have had great success in running many of my kids favorite titles under DSL. Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament 2003, StarCraft, and some of the more popular Linux titles, TuxRacer, Chromium, VegaStrike, Heroes III (Might & Magic), Myth II, Heretic II, Foobillard and Railroad Tycoon II. ( they ARE fun! :) )

How do YOU use DSL on your box?

In the last six months or so,
I've seen many different and interesting ways that the
DSL distro is being put to work by the userbase.

While the stock DSL does come complete with many light and fast
apps and servers, many times the needs of the user require
that another program or application be used that offers more
features or functions not available in the distro.

Here is where the fun comes in , designing your own personal
distro from base .iso up to run in your DSL box..
Where you are the master of its design, events and purpose.
Shaping the distro to be much more than a "LiveCD"

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