Damn Small Linux
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Browse The myDSL repository.

If you like Damn Small Linux, please consider donating; even small contributions will help fund its continued development.

Note: this page is for the classic DSL Downloads, if you want the new DSL, please go to the download page for DSL 2024.

Where to download:

Help us test the current release candidate: 4.11.RC2 Via FTP link.

Current Full Mirror List:
http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/linux/damnsmall/ (Austria) also rsync and FTP
http://gulus.USherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/DamnSmallLinux/Location: (Quebec, Canada)
http://ftp.belnet.be/packages/damnsmalllinux/ (Belgian)
ftp://ftp.belnet.be/packages/damnsmalllinux/ (Belgian)

Rysnc Mirror:
rsync ftp.belnet.be::packages/damnsmalllinux/

Bittorrent Mirror: