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Birth of Frugal
An excerpt from Not Your Father's Operating System, by Robert Shingledecker
Some had machines that could not boot from cdrom. Some would boot from floppy. Soon, some would copy over the KNOPPIX/ folder to their hard drive and use the boot floppy. This became known as the poorman's install. At first I did not have much interest in the poorman's install. Only because a boot floppy seemed like a step backwards. But the challenge of installing and using a compact flash changed everything for me. John, had sent me a link to a website for just such a script. I took a look at Terry Gray's script for "Building a Silent PC". I modified and extended this script making it suitable for DSL. I called it frugal. No more boot floppy! I added an inline lilo and the boot time options for DSL. Now you could not only have no floppy, but a "hands free" bootup. The script prompts for keyboard, toram, daemons and such. The script can be used for compact flash or hard disk, an "enhanced" poorman's. I emailed Terry Gray, thanked him, and sent a copy of my enhanced script and a link to our site. Now DSL is way more than a liveCD. Now it is an easy to install, easy to upgrade, easy to customize boot, all on a small footprint. This seemed to really push the envelope. Note to upgrade, just copy over the single file KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX and you're done! Now this added to the other milestones make the standard hard drive installations not so attractive anymore.

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