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Rapidweather Offline

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Joined: Jan. 2004
Posted: May 06 2005,02:52 QUOTE

Busy testing DSL 1.1 now, and have made, using the new add to filetool button in
emelfm this filetool.lst:
Code Sample

Impressed with the automatic saving of the backup file on shutdown, and
also that DSL picks it up by itself on bootup.
I do boot: dsl toram (most of the time), and that gets me up and running
with my own menu, style, init and .xinitrc and other items very quickly.
Good work, DSL team. Now, back to testing...

Rapidweather Remaster of DSL:
Rapidweather Remaster of Knoppix Linux:
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roadie Offline

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Posted: May 06 2005,16:30 QUOTE


Too bad we didn't get the webdata thing in a release before now.


Slax is claiming to have done it first.

LIEZ Says I!

Slax did do it first.

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roberts Offline

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Posted: May 06 2005,18:56 QUOTE

Actually, I wrote the code and had it working last Sept. It was scheduled to go into 0.8.3.
But it was rejected at that time because of lack of MS FTP server support.
Had we have a dedicated server such as Slax then we could have been.

This time, I got it in anyway. :)
But, I will concede. Although from what I have been told that the Slax version is not encrypted and requires access to only their server?
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noclobber Offline

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Posted: May 06 2005,21:48 QUOTE

Your work on DSL is much appreciated.

I haven't done much with DSL since v0.8.3 mainly because I've been busy with other things lately, but also partly because I know you've all wanted v1.x to be "perfect". :;):

As an engineer, though, I should know that design is an iterative process - there are always new "bugs" to be fixed and "improvements" to be added.

<drool> It looks like you've added *lots* of nice features.  I'm going to have to download both the syslinux & isolinux versions and try out various installs and remasters. </drool>

Don't say "No" to Digital Restrictions Management, say "HELL, NO!!!".
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roberts Offline

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Posted: May 07 2005,05:50 QUOTE

As part two of the 1.1 release is a new updated "Install to Pendrive"
This menu option actually downloads frugal_usb.tar.gz.

This is the updated script. The new frugal_usb.tar.gz contains everything needed to setup and install to a usb pendrive for USB-ZIP booting.  Since USB-ZIP booting requires certain geometry in order to boot, the script auto calculates the geometry by making a small 50MB partition usually suitable for USB-ZIP booting. The remainder of the pendrive, is auto setup as a linux partition and backup/restore and mydsl extensions are preset to this second partition. I have had good reports from the beta testers. Hopefully this will work better for your USB-ZIP booting needs.

Also, available is another script pendrive_usbhdd.tar.gz that is called from the above script. If you decide not to use USB-ZIP and your computer supports USB-HDD this script will be called and a single linux partition will be setup using the drive's native geometry. Again backup/restore and mydsl will be preset to load from this single partition. This script is based on the suggestion from user bri974 see also;t=5683
If you use this option then do not also use the toram option only while performing the installation.

The default is USB-ZIP simply because more computers support this method of booting. But now we offer both methods available from the existing menu on DSL.  Apps->Tools->Install to Pendrive  This makes the whole process very easy.

Be it noted that AMIBIOS still seems to have the most issues in booting.

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