The Via EPIA mini-itx motherboards

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A lot of people who can appreciate the smallness and efficiency of Damn Small Linux are also be into light and compact computers. As most Linux hobbyist know the VIA EPIA motherboards are the lowest priced small form factor boards on the market.

Mini-ITX is a small form factor for computer cases and motherboards developed by VIA Technologies. Mini-ITX is compatible with ATX and Mini-ATX but significantly smaller at just 17cm by 17cm. Mini-ITX motherboard also highly efficient and use significantly less power than their larger cousins. We are big enthusiasts of the fanless versions which are ideal for making 100% silent PCs .We built one with an EPIA-5000, a PW-60 power supply, an IDE to compact flash hard drive (running DSL of course!) and a case made with some parts from a hardware store.


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  Via EPIA M10000 mini-itx motherboard [BlowOut] $120
  EPIA-800 PLE133 800MHz CPU Include ITX Motherboard CPU Combo [BlowOut] $89