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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 28 2007,17:36 QUOTE

DSL v4.2.2 is now available.

Change Log:

* Enhanced JWM, double-click title bar now shades/unshades.
* Enhanced MyDSL dfm shortcut/icon creation and removal.
* Restored udf filesystem module.
* Fixed bug in to correctly add Windows entry when chosen.
* Fixed typo in .jwmrc-tray, Dillo now opens Getting Started correctly.
* Updated "Getting Started" to reflect .filetool.lst & .xfiletool.lst under /opt/
* Fixed typo in knoppix-autoconfig.
* Added and enhanced Lua library functions5.lua.

Files likely in your backup that need to be updated since 4.2.1:

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JohnJS Offline

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Posted: Dec. 28 2007,21:38 QUOTE

Errors on shutdown with both 4.2.1 and 4.2.2.

Dillo from apps/net/dillo:
I get: no support enc.

Dillo from tray:
I get:
http.warning bad clocks ignore expire on ><
pls two more times ending with: cgi?act=sf;f=f<
and: cig?act=st;f=4;t=19559<

Also get:
Xremovegrab widget not on list.
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roberts Offline

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Posts: 4983
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Dec. 28 2007,23:34 QUOTE

You forgot and left off the "warning"

**warning** no support enc

It is only a warning having to do with locale. It has been around a long time. Search forums.

The other cgi stuff seems dillo failed on that page.

There has been no change to Dillo or any of its libraries.
ldd /usr/local/bin/dillo.
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kuky Offline

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Posted: Dec. 29 2007,15:05 QUOTE

ndiswrapper turn to have problems in aterm with characters ....i think the same that ver 4.1 ....
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samsocal Offline

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Posted: Dec. 30 2007,09:21 QUOTE

I was reading the release notes for version 4.XX and I really haven't noticed much significant change since the 2.0 version that I'm currently running. It seems there's a lot of fluff and redundancy in the newer releases - new wallpapers, new themes, multiple editors, etc. Don't get me wrong, DSL has been my favorite release since I stumbled across it several years ago, but I'm just wondering why bother to make new releases unless they really count? Newer kernel, bug fixes, c compiler, improved HD install are all good. I may upgrade just for those, but it's a pain and really not worth the effort just to upgrade for new wallpapers and such. I'd like to see more substance in the new releases. Addition of features that people really need. Many other distros have features like bittorrents, etc that I'd like to see in DSL and I'd like to see fewer changes like:
"* Updated firefox default preferences to use SansSerif font."
I'd also like to see more detailed explanation for changes like:
"New mtpaint replaces xpaint."
When I see release notes like that I ask "Why?". Perhaps the reasoning behind it will be apparent once I use the new paint program but on the surface I don't see the justification for changing.
I'm an embedded systems programmer myself and I truly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into DSL. It just frustrates me when I see changes that are made with little or no apparent benefit. I'll give the new release a try and see if I like it enough to upgrade. I tried version 3.0 when it was released and I honestly wasn't impressed enough to make the change. Ted vs Flwriter, and Calcoo vs Xcalc just didn't cut it for me. The additional French and Thai keyboard support also wasn't enough to sway me, but if it greatly increased DSL's customer base then that's great.
I know it's easy for me to complain because I'm the customer, but I really hope that my comments are seen as constructive criticism and not as mindless bashing. I've been proud to recommend DSL to all my friends over the years and I'd like more reasons to continue recommending future releases.
Best wishes for a great 2008!
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