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I've been looking over the postings re FlashPlayer and am left with the clear impression that it just doesn't work with DSL. It's been easy to install on other distros (Debian and Ubuntu.) Is there a reason it won't work with DSL?
I don't know what all this plug in does but I'm wanting it just to be able to see video clips on the web: comedy central's The Daily Show with John Stewart for example. When I try, I am offered a download of version 9.  Going through the instructions leads to installation of files (as it did with Debian) but the plug in seems not to be recognized when I again try to play a video clip.
Any thoughts?

You'll need gtk2, a newer Firefox (at least 1.5 I think), and alsa if you want sound..

Or try mplayer and mplayerplug-in

First you need GTK2 itself - Either 'unc/gtk2-0705.unc' [14M] or the newer 'unc/gtk+-2.10.9.unc' [16M].
Contains: GTK2 libraries bundled with other misc libraries.
Second, you need a GTK2 version of Firefox. At present, we have 'uci/firefox-' [8.4M].
So in total, at least 22M of downloading is needed to get Firefox working.

After that, installing Flash 9 is comparatively simple:
1. Download flash 9: Link [2.5M]
2. Extract 'install_flash_player_9.tar.gz' by:
Code Sample
tar -xzf install_flash_player_9.tar.gz
3. Copy 'flashplayer.xpt' and '' into this directory: '/home/dsl/.mozilla/plugins/'
If this directory does not exist, you can create it yourself:
Code Sample
mkdir plugins

It would be best to save all the above files onto your hard disk, so there's no need to download them again.
You can also download MyDSL extensions directly, without using the MyDSL Panel, from the MyDSL webpage:
You can download the files with Firefox. Or, you can use 'wget' from the command line:
1. (Firefox) Right-click file link; 'Copy Link Location'
2. (terminal) 'cd' to the directory you want
3. Type 'wget', followed by: Paste the link from Firefox by pressing Shift+Insert. Press enter.

If things go as planned, I hope to submit a stripped-down GTK2 extension sometime next month (December), containing just the few GTK2 libraries that Firefox et al (Thunderbird etc) needs, with a size of about 2.0M. This should make things easier for those who just want a working Firefox+Flash.

Just for youtube:
You can also save flash-video (.flv) files from youtube to your hard disk.
The procedure is as follows:
1. Get this nifty and very famous Python script: Homepage
Save it somewhere in $PATH, normally '/usr/local/bin/'.
Make it executable:
Code Sample
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
2. Get Python from MyDSL: 'testing/python-2.5.uci' or direct link [3.0M]
3. (terminal) Copy and paste video's webpage URL:
Code Sample
youtube-dl -o choose_a_filename.flv hxxp://
4. View the .flv movie using mplayer. There are a few versions of mplayer in MyDSL - multimedia/mplayer.dsl [4.6M] and testing/mplayer-nogui.dsl [1.8M] and uci/mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci [30M]. 'testing/mplayer-nogui.dsl' is most up to date, and also the smallest (apologies for shameless plug).

No prob - here's my shameless plug:

if you don't want to get python, there are bash scripts to download youtube vids too; one can be found in "scripts and programming"

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