Release Candidates :: DSL v4.0rc2

Nice, i'll download it as quickly as i can :)
Pretty nice robert, love the new setup, you might just bring me back.  :D

add launchers to the task bar, took me a couple of seconds to do it, i use the same thing in my debian setup.  :laugh:

     <!-- Additional TrayButton attribute: label -->
     <TrayButton label="DSL">root:1</TrayButton>
     <TrayButton label="_">showdesktop</TrayButton>
     <TrayButton icon="aterm.xpm">exec:aterm -T "Bash" -e /bin/bash</TrayButton>
     <TrayButton icon="folder.xpm">exec:dfm</TrayButton>
     <TrayButton icon="dillo.xpm">exec:dillo</TrayButton>
     <TrayButton icon="firefox.xpm">exec:firefox</TrayButton>

the menu is huge and that's just the first thing that struck me, traversing three menus just to get to the browser. well let me play around some more and see what other ideas pop up.

pic of icons

Here's what mine looks like, which i owe to dsl, learned a lot from you robert, thank you

Hi Robert!

Very nice work on the new 4.0 rc2! There is just one thing that I'm missing and that is emelfm. I think it fits better with DSL considering it's graphical interface. Furthermore I personally prefer it as a file viewer. So I would like to get it back instead of mc. I've tried the emelfm-extension on the 4.0 rc1 but it doesn't come with the mime-types to make it easy to view a document and so on. So my hope is that emelfm reappears in the final version of 4.0 or I'll probably stick with the 3.4.x version. Thank you for the hard work you put in to this, according to me, the very best of Linux distros! So, keep up the good work.

Have lot's of fun working with DSL,

i think there's a problem with usb, i unplugged my usb mouse to move it to a different usb, so i could stick my usb key in, now the mouse no longer works. i ctrl+alt+backspace out to console an ran several times, but no joy.  :(  tried different usb mice and still it doesn't pick it up.
Hi again Robert!

I apologize for my comments that the emelfm extension didn't work properly in DSL 4.0 rc. In fact it does and I think that I used the gtk2 version the last time. But I have another problem with DSL 4.0 rc2. The boot-floppy doesn't seem to work with the cheatcode "frompcmcia" and since that is what I use I would really appreciate if that could be fixed (or added). I made a remaster adding emelfm and it worked just nice. But of course it would be easier if emelfm was added to the final DSL 4.0. Thanks for all you are doing for this wonderful distro.

Have fun,

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