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Title:          libc6-2.3.2-22sarge6.dsl
Description:    Libc6 from Debian Sarge
Version:        2.3.2
Copying-policy: GPL
-----==[  Color = red     Filesize:   4.20MB  ]==-----
Extension by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is the libc6 library from Debian Sarge, as
               well as libgcc1 and libstcd++6.  The purpose of
               these libraries is for greater binary compatibility
               with newer apps such as Flash 9, Firefox 3, and
               others.  This extension overwrites the libc6 contained
               in the DSL base system.  Also, the files in /lib/tls
               that are contained in this extension will be overwritten
               by the gcc1-with-libs.dsl extension, and vice versa.
Current:        2008/06/05 - First submission.

Hi Jason!

I just made an uci of firefox 3.0rc2 in swedish and with this extension it works just fine. Thanks a lot!

Have fun and keep up spitting out good extensions,

I just made an uci of firefox 3.0rc2 in swedish and with this extension it works just fine. Thanks a lot!

Would you make one in english as well?

Hi Jason!

Just a quick question: Does this extension replace the extension (libc6.dsl) that you gave a link to in the BOINC thread?

Florian: It wouldn't be a problem to make the extension I mentioned in my last post in english but the thing is that I make my extensions in a shortcut way that takes just a few minutes or so and they don't meet the requisites to be submitted to the repository. But I'll have it in mind when the "real thing" comes.

Have fun and keep up helping this community,

Hi meo,
Yes, the libc6-2.3.2-22sarge6.dsl extension is to be used in place of the libc6.dsl in the flash 9 thread.  I will take it down to save confusion.  This extension was trimmed to match the contents of what was in base DSL, mainly removing locales that DSL base does not have.  As well as adding libgcc1 and libstdc++6.  

In hindsight I perhaps should have seperated libgcc1 and libstdc++6 into a seperate extension, since not everyone may want those libraries along with libc6.  libgcc1 overwrites the libgcc in base DSL, while libstdc++6 is simply added.  If there is desire for a purely libc6 extension, I would be happy to split this into two extensions.


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