DSL Tips and Tricks :: Desktop, screensaver and pcmcia-cs upgrade (4.2.5)

I am very happy to know DSL because i can use my Digital Hinote VP575 (P-166mhz mmx, 80 mb ram, 2 gb hd); i will try on my 80486 dx2 66 mhz ! :)

Now i have 4.2.5 and i have this problems:

1) I have problems to change desktop image on DSL Control Panel,  Backgrounds, here i can see only BizCard, Fractal and tux, i'd like to load my images but i don't know where are saved !

2) I can't understand where i can find the screen saver.

3) I have installed ap-get but when i have try to update and upgrade and on screen there is "An error was detected when trying to stop PCMCIA support..." i need to stop manually because there is a problem to load new pcmcia-cs (3.1.33).

Sorry for my newbie questions ! :)

1) I don't remember just now where those were, do a search:
find / -iname "*biz*"

2) The screensaver is built-in to X (the one that turns the screen black). You can edit it's parameters with xset. Or do want a "proper" screensaver? There are both a locker and xscreensaver in MyDSL.

3) DSL is not full Debian, you cannot do "apt-get upgrade", unfortunately..

#2 may also depend on your monitor or BIOS settings.  Afaik, it's called blanking (which has various forms).
Thanks to reply (curaga and ^thehatsrule^).

1) I have find desktop image directory (/opt/.backgrounds/) !

2) "You can edit it's parameters with xset."

I'd like to use gui interface to change or set screen saver if it is possible, i have try xset from console but i haven't understand how i can manage screen saver...

3) Apt-get upgrade is very easy on Debian, the alternative to upgrade DSL is install always new dsl image ?

Thanks ! :)

2) There's no screensaver gui for xset, unfortunately..
To adjust the time before blanking (to 3 mins, aka 180 secs in this case):
xset s 180

or to activate instantly: xset s activate

3) Yes. Not the whole image though, just the KNOPPIX is usually updated.

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