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Oh, that old shmuck :D

What you described just happens to be the exact procedure of the linux suspend-to-disk which we have had for years. It suspends to a swap partition though, which is not recommended on a usb stick.

Quick edit: By we I meant linux in general, DSL's old kernel is not very reliable in this manner. DSL-N has reports of it working nicely. And the tiny core comes with 2.6.24 :)

Edity 2: I re-read your post and it also sounds very similar to a in-ram remaster.

Interesting, I wonder what causes dsl not to be stable using suspend? It would be great to be able to suspend to a usb stick.

edit: How does the in RAM remaster work?

The old version of the kernel has some bugs, as you would expect. Suspend usually works fine, but it might freeze on bootup.

The in-ram remaster is just that, meo has even made a guide for that too. If you have enough ram you can just do the remaster in it with speed, and just put the finished version to a physical disk.

It would be great to be able to suspend to a usb stick

- I've got dsln to suspend on a usb stick boot, it just doesn't want to wake up again  :)

Ok, so let's say we have an in-ram remaster boot image on a usb stick, will it boot in a few seconds.
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