DSL in the press

Since friday people living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and probably some other European countries will find the magazine LINUX INTERN with a bootable DVD with DSL ( and other Linux distributions on their newsstand.

There is no sepate article on DSL in this issue, but it is used as an example to demonstrate how SYSLINUX works for booting from USB stick.

As mentioned earlier, the DVD uses Grub as bootloader which is much more comfortable than navigating through F-keys and entering cheatcodes (which is still possible). If the DSL community is interested and there is a chance of convincing the chiefs to make it the default bootloader, I will write (and document) a configuration for german and english and hope that other DSL users will translate keymaps and menu entries to other languages.

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Grub is rather large...

Grub is much bigger than Lilo. And we are very cramped for space already.

Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!

The difference between Grub and Isolinux...

...is about 100k. During my last remaster of the CD I noticed that the resulting ISO is still less than 50M. So using Grub as bootloader for the CD is possible in the moment.


I wonder if i could talk robert into it...