DSL Proves Difficult but not Impossible.

Configuring Java into dsl is not simple on an older pc
I currently use one of my custom jobs
233mx pentium II cpu, 96mb of sdram, and a 14gb raid hard drive setup{8.4gb + 5.1gb + 512mb} and a trident edo pci vid card. 8x hitachi cd-rom

Now I recently fixed a friend of mines winblos box, his comp had much more of all of the above and installing java for him {I had him switch to DSL} was easy but I have found that on my box it is not so easy. first I went the dpkg route it proved to be dangerous as it destroyed my x-server twenty miutes later after a full reinstall and package update I tried a different approach, the java plugin for mozilla suite 1.7 did not work, finally I thought about running two web browsers so for all things internet I run glinks or mozilla but for java {including chat rooms web messengers etc} I use Netscape Communicator 4.7.4 it is not top of the line but it allows for instant messaging
outside tinyIRC and nAIM which to the best of my knowledge work but as geeky as I am my preference for command line only goes so far, {webcams are my friends}
anyway I will get back to config and reconfig if not anything DSL proves to be more fun in fixing than winblos
at least I dont have to put up with that stupid must have permission to you my own damn box stuff they do to make winewbies feel dumb and dsl has sylpheed much better than outlook and looks better too...