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DSL Proves Difficult but not Impossible.

Configuring Java into dsl is not simple on an older pc
I currently use one of my custom jobs
233mx pentium II cpu, 96mb of sdram, and a 14gb raid hard drive setup{8.4gb + 5.1gb + 512mb} and a trident edo pci vid card. 8x hitachi cd-rom

Now I recently fixed a friend of mines winblos box, his comp had much more of all of the above and installing java for him {I had him switch to DSL} was easy but I have found that on my box it is not so easy. first I went the dpkg route it proved to be dangerous as it destroyed my x-server twenty miutes later after a full reinstall and package update I tried a different approach, the java plugin for mozilla suite 1.7 did not work, finally I thought about running two web browsers so for all things internet I run glinks or mozilla but for java {including chat rooms web messengers etc} I use Netscape Communicator 4.7.4 it is not top of the line but it allows for instant messaging


I am a standard DOS junkie, I have always hated winblos. Damn Small Linux is hardly anything like windows as I have seen so far. I am in the habit and business of maintaining and rebuilding old boxes. dsl had proven to be an asset {after all the work I put into it} i must say that I dont have the most up to date build and my current lack of cd burner hampers that.{not all programmers are rich idiots that work for MicroStuck} Anyway I am thinking about upgrading my dsl by rebuilding it
from the kernel up when I am done if anyone wants it they can have it unless the sysop here has a problem wi

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