a modest man

The observant will know that Robert Shingledecker isn't the type of guy who seeks out attention. Still I want to make sure that the DSL fans out there know that he is constantly hard at work refining DSL. We all benefit from his hard work, yet he's not the type of guy to brag. Knowing that he *is* a modest man, I will not go on, but I just wanted to say a quick thanks.

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So true..

I see Robert Shingledecker as..

Ever challenging..
Pushing the envelope..
Critiquing and encouraging..
Demanding of excellence..
Generous and Helpful..
My friend..

Thanks for a wonderful year!

Yeah, Thanks to all who made

Yeah, Thanks to all who made dsl what it is today. The rest of us who dont have the skills to contribute can just promote and give feedback. Solarpc's $100 pc may be a big thing may eat into AMD/usoft's $250 pc market space since its only targeting for surfing & word processing usage. we all know that dsl(linux)/via can do alot more than that; but it makes no difference if it doesnt appeal to general public.

A few things come to mind:
1) can dsl/via handle acpi/apm for low power requirement?
2) can dsl be configured for internet kiosk, ie. disable disruptive access to hardrive, disable soft reboot, disable console/root access..etc
3) can dsl do laymans patches, upgrades on hdinstall on massive deployment

lotsa work ahead.. well welcome to primetime

Thanks for the Kind Words - but

Thanks for the kind words John and Kent. I do appreciate that some express appreciation for my efforts, but as John, had said in the past, DSL is not a one man show.

It was a year ago last October, I began to remaster my own copy of DSL. I could have forked like so many others have. But instead I wanted to contribute back my ideas to DSL. I recall writing to John to tell him of some of what I had. He was very receptive. At first a few mods. And then the mods seem to grow and lead into other areas very naturually. It is as if I had a master plan.John has always been very easy to work with. John is a very honest and humble man. He always goes out of his way to give credit where due. We both have very similar views regarding small apps and systems. We work very well together, each contribting improvements with each release of DSL.

When I introduced the myDSL system and the several example extensions, John and I knew we would need help in managing user contributed extensions. We would also need that someone to share the learning of how to build them. Kent came forward to volunteer. Kent came up to speed very quickly absorbing all the ins and outs of extension building. He then has really followed through on his promise not only to manage the process of publishing the extensions but also to share his new found knowledge of the building process. This helped greatly to allow John and I to stay focused on the structual changes in the base DSL system.

The user community has been fantastic. Our forums are amazing. With the knowledge that is shared there, it should be called the University of DSL. One other person that I would like to mention, is Cbagger01 He has been a very consistent source of ideas and help in the forums. Also many other users have come forward to contribute in the forums with suggestions, bug reports, and those amazing extensions.

I would have never dreamed all this would occur in a year. Even though I may not be that visible, you can be sure that I am still focused on improving and thinking of ideas for DSL. It's been exciting and a source of joy for me to be part of DSL history. Thanks to all.