Linksys wireless card

Hello, I have recently installed DSL 2.0 on a old laptop. 550 mhz 5 gig harddrive. I am having two problems so far. One is that when I leave the machine after about 5 mins it blanks out the screen and locks me out. Two I cannot get my Linksys wireless card to work. When I go to the PCIMA card control it shows that socket 0 has a card and is ready. But when I go to wlcardconfig it says that there is network card found. Any help would be great.


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linksys wireless card

using a linksys 54g PCMIA NIC. Skip all the configuration scripts and select the system>set setup>NDISwrapper locate your linksys LSBCMNDS.inf driver and put that path in. the driver must be in a DSL directory. otherwise the NDISSetup will lock up your laptop. It will not pull it from a windows/NTFS folder it must be within the DSL structure.