Booting DSL CD with Grub

I just wanted to inform you that I just did a small remastering using Grub as bootloader. This allows selecting boot options with the arrow keys of your keyboard.

The remastered version is available with English or German default keyboard. If you are interested in the more comfortable booting, download the DSL-Grub ISO.

A bootscreen is available here

Please do not be confused by the renaming of the kernel and the ramdisk. A few days ago a did a massive multiboot DVD for a large german Linux mag (available in January) which will contain several live distributions bootable -- one of them is DSL of course...


Dear anyone, I just updated to 0.9.1, but since I am not at home for the moment I did not yet test it. Maybe someone does this for me... :-)

What about changing the default boot loader on the CD to Grub? In my opinion it is much more comfortable than Isolinux and works with nearly any BIOS.

Have fun and do not eat too much during the holidays!

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ok how...

ok I give how did you remaster with grub....this is el schweeto!!!!

Script for using grub...

There was absolutely no dark magic involved. Basically I substituted isolinux.bin with grub's stage2 and converted the isolinux.cfg to a proper menu.lst. The background is a gzipped XPM (640x480, 14 colours indexed).

The script for building the ISO:

Thanks for the hard work

thanks.....very cool stuff