700 MB DSL-cd ISO

How about making a big DSL iso ? That's including all dsl apps in the download page.

Downloading one by one dsl apps in DSL repository is expensive for me. Coz internet connection in my country (Indonesia) not provided like in US or EU!

So, please make it for the Developed Countries with minimum inet connection. So only one DSL big CD and easy to distribute DSL with the apps.

May somebody care and read this and do something. Amin.

Coz I love DSL!

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I don't understand why you want this kind of release...
DSL stands for damn SMALL linux... so 700MB aren't a SMALL o.s., no?
This is only my idea...

Another comment is this:
why DSL's developers have to aggregate ALL the extension when YOU CAN CHOOSE which one install on your machine?? Isn't it a waste of time and resources? (why having a lot of similar programs if you use only one of them?? What is the meaning installing StarOffice, OpenOffice and Koffice at the same time?? [this is only a stupid example...])

So, I vote "NO" for the 700MB version... but ONLY for theorical ideas.
I love DSL because it's SMALL!

Bye!! :o)
[DSL Italian user]

700MB=One Stop Download ! easy Apps Distribution !

I LOVE the tiny DSL! but i love the .dsl apps too! So, if i need the one apps, i must go to net cafe, download it and bring home to install. One by one!.

If DSL 50 MB separate with the apps in other folder in one iso file, i can burn it at home in a CD and distribute DSL with the apps without download one by one.

I need one CD with Damn Small Linux with apps, docs, testing apps, forum docs, in one cd,

so... without every day net connection. And people who want DSL they can access the 700 MB CD Complete Edition!


Why can't you

Contine to download the 50MB iso and then just burn your dsl apps to a cd-rom and set the mydsl= to the CD-ROM?

700mb CD


donation = "donation to continue development of the DSL project" (it is not for profit)
$10 donation = cd + extensions ( Up to 700 MB )
$12 donation = dvd + extensions ( The Works (currently +1.2Gb) )
$15 donation = both + extensions ( Best Value )

Developing country blues

You know, those of us who love the tiny formfactor of DSL perhaps don't see why you might NEED such a tiny kernel and still want to install more....this guy is in a developing country and for all the hoopla about universal net access in cybercafes, etc., wherever you are, it is still slow, unreliable and NOT accessible or cheap from home. I just lived for 8 months in the Paraguayan countryside. There was internet available through a cyber where they didn't know what they were doing--it was out for 2 weeks 'cause they didn't know how to put a cable in, there was constant spyware corruption, viruses, and apathy (since they didn't know what it was good for). Furthermore, no one knew what it was there for since they charged more to use their crappy service than in the large cities. It was simply a useless novelty for the population. If you didn't use them, the antenna was 300 dollars (a total fortune there) and over 40 dollars a month. Printing (an utter luxury) was always at least 15 cents per page and workers would count the pages out before they put them in the printer, so you had to know how many pages you were printing before using them. Things were only marginally better in the capital.

This guy in Indonesia can't easily CHOOSE which app to download--his net cafe may not allow him to boot up DSL and he has to go back and forth from home. You should try it for a day or a week, you would freak out and bitch at your friends over your birra. So getting the tiniest Linux distro and then padding it out isn't just a nice aesthetic obsession like it is for some of us :-) (the theoretical ideas)....So thanks for making that CD available to him.