How do I update if I have a frugal install ?

I just sucessfully completed my first frugal installation and would sure like to know the steps required to upgrade when a new upgrade comes out ? I read something about replacing the single big compressed file called/knoppix, Is that all there is to it ? How do I replace /knoppix ?
I have been downloading the newest .iso's and doing dsl-hdinstall but now I am frugal and don't want to mess it up DSL looks like a very good O.S. especially because it has kept my old boat anchors going great.

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That's usually all that's needed, but...

Be careful. As of 1.3.1, a line was added to .filetool.lst that backs up all of /home/dsl. This was originally in filetool.lst (no preceeding dot).

As it turned out, I was compiling a rather large distro, and when it came time to back up, the backup filled with the distro, larger than my backup media (202 MB of a 256 MB Cruizer micro) All of the files listed in filetool.lst, including my e-mail, firefox bookmarks, etc. Didn't make it to backup.tar.gz. I'm not sure if filetool.lst is even consulted in 1.3.1.

Personally, I don't like the idea of backing up all of /home/dsl; that's not how I use it. I'll remove that line from .filetool.lst from now on.

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