cc command: does it work in bash of DSL?

Dear friends,
First of all, kudos to the DSL team for making a marvellous OS.I have the Live Cd Distro of Damn Small Linux.Its really cool.I am able to learn a lot of unix commands from the xterm.But alas,i aint able to compile any of the programs that i type in vi editor
(eg: i created a sample file a.c
in the $ prompt i gave :$cc a.c
cc : command not found.... was the reply.)
now is it possible to compile c progams in DSL?
pls tell me!

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Are you using the gcc1 package from the MyDSL repository? If so, you will need to edit the makefile, replacing all instances of the "cc" command with the "gcc" command. If you aren't using gcc1, you will need to download it before you can compile.