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Hi guys. I'm working in as a tech support guy for an ISP and most of our calls are from windows95-XP users. I get to have a few linux users. and most of the time, problems are within our network or the lines outside of their house, not with the linux machine. But believe me when I tell you that when a windows user calls in, 80% of the time, it's with windows (TCP/IP to corrupted NIC drivers) and not to mention clueless users.

anyway, im compiling a tech support manual for our account. i have a win98, me, 2000, and xp for 1 drive. as for my second drive, i have knoppix (hdd installed) and bayanihan linux. and now once i get home from work, im gonna download DSL and install it on the 3rd partition. i installed all these OS so i could get screenshots and help my fellow agents, especially those clueless about linux. once im done with the manual im doing, im gonna devote my time with linux. thanks for DSL, i found a better alternative to bloated distros and of course windows. thank god i found this site. more power to the developers and supporters.

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DSL Installation, hell yeh!

Install DSL to the 3rd partition? great idea, you won't be dissapointed.