Childish Behavior

OK, I am about as upset as I have been for awhile. My not for profit work has almost come to a complete standstill because of childish adults.

Here's some background.....

The building I use for No Computer Left Behind is a wonderful old building that was up for demolition. A man came along and decided he wanted to save the building. He struck a deal with the Historic Landmarks of Indiana Inc. to refurbish the building. If he received a 501(c)3 federal NFP designation, they would sign the building over to him.

Well, on Monday, he received his 501(c)3 approval and faxed it to the organization. Today (Friday) as he is gone to a meeting at this organization, they sneak into town and change the locks on the building. They have decided now that they don't want to give him the building now that he has put thousands of his own dollars into it with new heating/air and other upgrades. So now, I cannot get to any of my equipment! He is meeting with the organization president on Monday morning so I will wait to hear from him before I do anything. He is determined to fight this in court and I am determined to get the press involved if they do not come to their senses. In the mean time, I am basically on hold. It's very frustrating because I was going to be giving PC's to kids on Monday evening.

I am a strong believer in God and know that everything happens for a reason. I haven't figured out why I need to endure this but hope the answer will come soon.


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Evil busness ethics

Thats horrible, and you know they're messing you around when they wont even give you YOUR stuff back. That can't be legal, or at very least shouldn't be. I hate corporations.

I really hope you get that sorted out soon.

Wow Bummer

I too am a "strong believer in God and know that everything happens for a reason" All things work together for good for those who love the LORD.

I have an opportunity to build an internet cafe. I want to sell the client on using LIVE Linux CDs... DSL CDs in particular. If this happens I will be making a decent donation based on perhaps a tithe of the profit margin. I've tested quite a few Live Linux CDs and DSL really works well. I'll say a prayer for you this morning in church.

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Some obstacles are bigger than others..

With you on that...

I have been quite inspired reading about your project throughout this site, have you written up your system is it emulatable, do you want it to be?

I'm at a much earlier junction in my project so it's really encouraging to see people who have begun to see their ideas make a difference.

Hope your buildings issue gets resolved quickly, I'll be praying for you this week.

Some obstacles are bigger than others, and some are built to look bigger than they are. Either way, if it comes to using a hammer to crack a really obstinate nut, God's _the_ big hammer!

All the best,



It appears that my current location is not going to work much longer. There were some technicalities that the building refurbisher had not fulfilled. I say that because the reasons given to me were very small and could have easily been resolved in a couple days. I may never get the whole story.

The bottom line is now I need to sign a lease if I want to stay but it's only guaranteed for 6 months and can be terminated in 30 days if a new buyer comes into the picture. I also have to come up with the funds for 1,000,000 in liability insurance to stay. So, NCLB has to find a new home. I am calling around and seeing what I can come up with in the area. This isn't altogether terrible because at some point I was going to have to find a building with a dock to handle large hardware shipments. This situation is just pushing me. The down side is that I will have to move alot of equipment.

I will keep everyone updated. This WILL NOT kill the organization. I have put too much time and energy into it and it's needed badly. Thank you all for your support.