Finally got a decent X-Server

After giving up on Xvesa I downloaded the old XBF Red Hat X-Server that has accelerators for the Neovision chipset and everything works great on my old thinkpad 560z. Fast scrolling... yeeha! :-) Looks like it uses a couple more MB of RAM but other than that it seems to start up just as fast or faster than Xfbdev. I had to remap the Delete & BackSpace keys using xmodmap, but no other problems so far.

Maybe I'll post details on the forums tomorrow if I get time. Happy happy happy! :-)

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Yes please ;o)


I just had a quick first test of DSL last night and like it a lot, but especially on one of the laptops I would like to use it on it seems I need to run Xfbdev (it's a Siemens Mobile M510, PII/266, 128MB RAM with a Neomagic chipset ... ehr, ooops ... just noted you're talking about Neovision - I'll have to see if these are related).

Anyway, as I'm totally new to DSL (and modern Linuxes in general) it would probably be helpfull to me if you could post some short howto or "pointer in the general direction" of what to do/get to make it run.


Just read the forum posts

So don't bother replying to this.

Thanx for all the good info though - I'll test the various drivers you suggested and post results for my Siemens on the forum.