does anyone know how to disable the dillo window that opens at startup!!

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that dillo window that opens every time i start dsl is getting very annoying so if you know how please tell me how to disable the annoying dillo window at startup

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Yes, dillo is loaded from .xi

Yes, dillo is loaded from .xinitrc. Go to your home directory and edit the file .xinitrc and remove or comment-out the appropriate line.


KYLE765, Questions! Do not


Questions! Do not go in the BLOGS. They go in the FORUMS. Please do not use our BLOGS for your technical support questions.

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you didn't have to be so freking rude about it

In response to support requests in user blogs...

Hi =) I wasn't being rude, or at least it wasn't intended. However, that was your second technical support question you've posted in the blogs, and I had already moved one of your priors from the blogs to the forums. Please utilize the forums for tech support =) The main website says "(please go to the user forum for tech questions)"

Thanks for using DSL, and for your questions! If you have anymore requests/suggestions/questions/etc. try using the forums, you're bound to get a much faster response since people use these blogs as a personal journal (mostly) of sorts.

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