the last miles are the hardest

DSL is reaching its potential. With the hard limit of 50MB each additional improvement or feature enhancement grows harder to accomplish. Truth is the canvas will never be fully painted, but each new stroke is harder to place.

If DSL were a car I sort of see it like the old Porshe 911. I say that not because of it's speed, or power to weight ratio, but because of how the 911 evolved. For decades, the 911 kept to it's original design and made diligent improvements.

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I understand

I understand your perspective on the maturity of the distro. The fact is, the ideas implemented in DSL are going to be valid for a long time IMO. I mean, you have an OS that can run from 486 to modern machines. Practically nothing on the x86 format is excluded. It is so heavily supported by people in the community like Ke4nt and Fordi that it is truly unique and dynamic. The kicker is that you have done this in such a short time.

I applaud you for sticking to your guns in regards to the 50mb limit. That resolve inspired alot of ideas from you, robert and the whole community. As long as DSL is going, I will be here to support it.