i bought Adam Bregenzer's Zaurus.

i bought Adam Bregenzer's Zaurus for a wireless linux terminal, and now im going to sell it @ cost to someone else...because I don't have time to use it. And I thought I would...its an amazing little device. I feel so crappy for letting it go, but it needs to be done. This Army stuff is definitely keeping me busier than I expected with my life and, I just need to get rid of it...

Why do i not always seek to make a profit? :( sometimes it saddens me because occasionally I have money problems...well more often than not....

so im in this ultra-secretive security research group...well its not really ultra secretive, but it is a security research group, and its all well and good...and I'll be utilizing DSL a lot. probably....

i wish we had a cvs repository, open systems, dev mailing lists and structured community and, blah. i miss the old days of developing...well i used to care. i guess would I want to be the one to keep up with this? part of it maybe...i wouldn't mind it.

p.s. I hate my roommate? he wiped one of my 40 gig drives because he is a moron.

p.s.s i've been using the computer a lot more recently and its beginning to take its toll on my hands. i need to stop? because i don't want to develop carpal tunnel

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looking after yourself

Step one: Stop it. Just stop using the computers for a few hours.
Step two: Go for a walk. Get your blood pressure up, but don't use your hands.
Step three: Repeat this every day.
Step four: Swap to the Dvorak keyboard. It will stop you stretching to get to the common letters like E and T.