The pendrive is a trooper!

So I got home yesterday, and my wife tells me, "I'm sorry, I washed your thumb drive." My DSL/qemu pendrive was sitting on a shelf in the laundry room in a small puddle.

I managed to pull the ends out of the little aluminum extrusion, let it air dry for a few hours, and after plugging it in, it booted! I dd'ed the contents to an image file in case I suffer a more catastrophic failure (should have done that when I got it.)

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Conformal Coating!

My buddy washed his twice!!! Still going strong

My recommendation if you are feeling froggy
Conformal coating can extend the life of it for sure

I have used numerous types of coatings...the best I have found is cheap clear fingernail polish, just dab it on, let it dry and kapow...waterproof pendrive!

I have seen guys use spray on automotive clearcoat, silicon goop, I have even used JBWeld (yah yah yah redneck jokes aside)

The only thing you have to worry about from there is keeping the external connector clean, and using a small eraser works wonders!