It has started.......

Last night I received two emails enquiring about PC's for poor families. Now that I have given away my first PC, the floodgates are being slowly opened. I only hope I can keep my head above water! I've had 3 inquiries all based off my first PC. As they say, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. I will find out soon how well my OS design and documentation will hold up. Since one lady told me she didn't know what a modem was, I am guessing no amount of design or documentation is going to cover everything! :-)

Internet access will be the big thing. I am trying to find external modems in bulk but it isn't easy to find at a reasonable price. It is a selfish request but it would be great if DSL could natively support some of the common winmodems such is the case with MEPIS.

I know I am probably being lazy but trying to manage all facets of a NFP, including software development, is proving to be a huge task. If there are any Linux people in this town, they must be far underground because I haven't been able to dig them up yet!

What a great experience this last year has been with Linux. It has taught this old dog new tricks!

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an idea

In case you hadn't considered it, you might want to mention in whatever ads you have that you could accept monetary donations as well as hardware. I'm not talking about profit of course, nor about pushing the "donate" thing as a priority. But it may help cover expenses such as the modems. It just might turn on a light for those who'd be willing to put in a buck or 2 to help a worthy cause.


Thanks, mikshaw. I have received some financial donations. I am waiting for my federal approval for 501(c)3 NFP status. I have my state certification but have to wait for the Internal Revenue Service blessing to apply for grants....just waiting for the paperwork. My goals are actually much bigger than just refurbishing. I'll keep everyone up to date as the organization grows.