NCLB, a 501(c)3 Organization

Well, after several months of US bureaucracy I finally got the blessing of the federal government for No Computer Left Behind, Inc. to be recognized as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. This will allow me to apply for grants and other things and hopefully will entice larger corporations to donate hardware or possibly warehouse space since they can get a tax write-off for their generosity. Getting hardware has proven to be very easy but getting a place to put it all has not! Hopefully, through a donation or a large grant I will be able to get a ‘home’ for the organization where I can setup workstations and accommodate volunteers. Currently, I am basically a one-man organization due to storage and operating space limitations. Hopefully a break will come soon as trying to be the ‘everything’ to the organization is exhausting work on top of my family and my 'real' job.

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Thats great news.

Excellent ;) Keep us informed!

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

Yes !!

Congratulations clivesay !!

Such good news !!

Hats Off !!


US Tax Law

Just so you have a better understanding, virtually _any_ expense that a US corporation incurs due to operations can be used to offset earnings. Just because the expense is associated with a 501(c)3 does not alter the corporation's ability to use that expense to offset earnings. The only time an expense's ability to be used to offset earnings is affected by the profit status of an organization is if the donor is an individual. Furthermore, an individual can only deduct from their gross earning a maximum of 2% of their total earnings in that year.

However, you are correct in what you said regarding grant money. The Federal Gov't has numerous programs for non-profits, as well as for-profit small businesses. Good luck going forward.

Thanks for the clarification

I just hope that corporations will get on board with what people like myself are doing because it is the right thing to do. Throwing working computers into the trash just helps to validate the perceptions of our wasteful society. I am already hearing stories of companies throwing flat screen monitors in the trash just to get the latest and greatest! It's really sickening when you think about it. Some validate throwing entire PC's in the trash because they want to protect what's on just the hard drive. It's ridiculous!!

OK, I'll stop short before I launch into a full rant! ;-)