Fluxbox 0.9.11 status

So I built the latest fluxbox this past week, and it seems to be working great in DSL.
The 0.9.10 extension was sort of a rushed job, and I found a couple of glitches in it (my fault, not a fluxbox bug). I've got a few configuration tweaks to do for the extension, and I could put it together tomorrow....except I started thinking about making a new style to showcase some of the new features....

If it weren't for the fact that I spent the last 24 hours researching every possible option for fluxbox/init I might have already made a decent style....but such is life.

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We appreciate it!

I know everyone appreciates your work with the fluxbox extensions. It would be great to have a theme that highlights all the cool features. It would make it easier for people like myself to find where they are located in the init file and tweak to our taste! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the hard work

Thanks for all your hard work. I know I appreciate the time, energy and creativity put into such a project. I hope that someday I might be able to give back to the community in such a manner.


fb0911 status - sunday

The package is done. I just used the same style I did for 0.9.9 with some minor tweaks and changed wallpaper (damn small ascii penquin at ionbox.org). Now just waiting for a response from the artist on whether or not he is OK with the pic being used.

In the meantime I'll test it a bit more. I think there might be a glitch somewhere in the style file, since I get a warning message when I use that style...something is too wide and gets set to the default of 3200....or something...


I recognized the site. That is Wolven who does a ton of the gentoo style icons. I doubt he'll have a problem with it. He made some custom gentoo icons for me. Even made one of my NFP logo!


glitch wasn't me

After some testing I discovered that the warning message had nothing to do with me. It turns out it has something to do with the way bbpager & fluxbox 0.9.* work together, though I don't have the knowledge to fix it. But it's no big deal. it's a mild warning which has no negative effects.

fb0911 status - wednesday

Did some minor tweaks to the style and init files, and more testing.
There are two things about the menu that I don't like, but fixing them means editing the menu file itself, which I think would be rude to the users....

1) Using the "Restart" menu item restarts Fluxbox stable instead of devel. The menu item uses a "restart_fluxbox" argument instead of just the restart command, so it loads up whatever fluxbox is the first in your path. There are a number of ways to deal with this, but they all require effort on the part of the user (unless, as I said, the extension were to edit the user's menu file, but I'm not going to do that). One way is to add a menu item something like this: "[restart] (restart flux-dev) {}", or you could just remove the "restart_fluxbox" argument from the current entry. Another option is to create an alias for fluxbox, but that would mean having to use the full path to get back into fluxbox stable. Still another way is to bring up the new command dialog (currently mapped to Mod1+F10) and type "restart" instead of using the menu.
btw, that command dialog is a very useful addition to fluxbox. I've used it numerous times just while editing the style for this package...just typing "reloadstyle" is much quicker than searching it out in the menu.

2) The included style is in /opt rather than in a standard fluxbox styles directory, so it is not accessible through the menu. Easiest way I can think of to deal with this is to copy the style into either /usr/share/fluxbox/styles/ or ~/.fluxbox/styles/.
The file is /opt/fluxbox-0.9.11/share/fluxbox/dsl-mik2