DSLInfo! Artificial Intelligence...or just plain...dumb.

Hi! DSLInfo is an infobot on our IRC channel #damnsmalllinux (irc.freenode.net)

The greatest enjoyment i've gotten lately comes from people who use DSLinfo...Why, you ask?

For starters, n00bs come into the channel and ask a question, and DSLinfo responds...Then they start talking to him like he's a real person...Thats not bad...but it is funny!

DSLinfo, still there?

Of course he didn't know ;\ but now he does! and knowing is half the battle!

In any case, if you want to help, you can program him too...If you logon to our IRC channel and say 'something is xyz' and someone asks 'something?' or 'what is something?' or 'dslinfo, something?' DSLinfo will reply with what you told him it is...that, sometimes, can be more helpful than a human, when a human isn't around. ;)

So with that said, if you have any knowledge you would like to impart upon dslinfo, feel free to stop by and do so. Reading through my backscroll I've found several occasions where DSLinfo has risen to the occasion and saved the day for someone stuck in a DSL rut ;)

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Could you put a disclaimer up about him in the channel? I'd hate to see a noob get pissed after finding DSLInfo not very helpful.

if its that big of a deal i'l

if its that big of a deal i'll just take him offline. i'm not aware of any way to extend an infobot to give a notice to someone on channel join...i guess here and the forums is the only disclaimer they have...i dont think he can 'piss someone off'..he's only meant to help.
tronik @ #damnsmalllinux irc.freenode.net

Leave him there

I think the DSLInfo bot can be a very helpful tool. Maybe the header of the IRC channel should contain a short blurb listing the latest release and then information about DSLInfo, Docs Page, and doing Forum searches before submitting questions to IRC. Those of us that frequent the IRC channel answer MANY common questions. It is nice if someone asks what a md5um is to just type 'md5sum?' and DSLInfo pops up the md5sum information for them to review.

header and name change

I think something in the header, and adding 'bot' to the name should do it.

he shall be known as...DSLinfobot

well, i mean its pretty obvious he's a bot if you're semi-intelligent..but i've added the suffix 'bot' to his nick anyway =)

hopefully that will help deter any confusion among people! ;)

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux irc.freenode.net