US vs European Linux Magazines

Am I the only one who thinks that the Linux magazines coming out of Europe and the UK are more user oriented than the magazines out of the US?

It seems that the three Linux magazines her (Linux World, Linux Journal, and Linux Magazine) are much more server/corporate oriented than there counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic. I bet a US based Linux magazine which did not spend 70-90% of its volume discussing LAMP issues and corporate integration would do very well.

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Let's start one!

I am in the commercial printing industry, ready for a DSL "the magazine" John? :)

I agree!

and to subscribe to a good EU mag like Linux Format is so F$%&ing expencive here!

I wish there was a US Linux mag like LF!

Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!


Well...we could first start an e-zine, and if that caught on ;p make maybe 'Micro Linux Magazine' MLM!! or "DamnSmall Daily" or "Daily DSL" ;p or something like that...haha for DSL...well, its fun to think about =)

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

DSL the magazine

Linux Format is a very good magazine, actually I like all the UK ones, they are all very good imo.

Clivesay, wow, that sounds very tempting but thats a lot of organization and planning. I am not dismissing it, but I'd have no idea about how to pull that together.

I've thought a lot about starting an ezine, but I think it would have to stretch beyond just DSL to be robust enough for weekly or even monthly releases. My idea was to start an e-zine that dealt with running Linux on not-so-top-of-the-line hardware. Between the DSL community and myself I am sure there is plenty to say. One thing that's made me reluctant is my natural bias towards DSL. Of course other folks could do distro evaluations. I could focus on interesting software.

You bet

That would be alot of work. I said it with a wink but if that ever became a serious option, I would be willing to put some energy into it. I have never heard of an ezine but a DSL Newsletter would not be out of the question. You could definitely have guest columnists. This is probably the same as an ezine. I'll have to investigate.

SaidinUnleashed as Dear Abby. Helping people with their family
struggles to convert to Linux
Cbagger01 as the "guru"
Grim doing distro and software reviews (he will always give you the
straight scoop :) )
Ke4nt as the "MyDSL Expert"
Roberts as the "frugal" gourmet! (some of you are probably too young to remember that)

Tronik could have "ask DSLinfo"

Lots of possibilities! ;-)