271 trojans and virus infection

So a buddy of mine likes to surf the web in Microsoft XP and MSIE. It turns out that his system has 271 known trojans all churning along. I asked him if he has had any credit card issues lately and he said yes. I asked him if he uses Outlook, and he said yes again. I asked him if he ever opens up attachments, and he said "Yes, but only from people I know."

Honestly, he is an idiot. How could these MS users use the most vulnerable programs known to be susceptible to trojans and viruses yet not take any precautions?

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Very Common Issue

People think that you buy a PC, turn it on, and it runs forever. If it gets slow that just means it's outdated and they need to buy a new one. They go online to get the $499 deal and come away spending $800+ by the time they add the extras and pay shipping. Bring it home, set it up and turn on until it gets "slow" and then the cycle begins again.

The difference now is that the spyware is so prevelant now that it doesn't take a year or two to bog down a machine. Throw in a kid dowloading on a PC and cripple it in a matter of days!

It's really sad when you think about it. You have to take driving courses before you get a drivers license but with PC's they are just thrown it people's laps with a stack of manuals no one reads. Then they load it up with all their personal information!

It's really a great scam. I hear Microsoft is coming out with virus software they hope to sell. How convenient, I'll give you an OS with holes in it and then I will charge you for additional software to manage those holes.

Thanks, Bill!

If it weren't for Bill Gates et al, I wouldn't have a job cleaning up cancerous hard drives. I say we start a religion based upon Bill Gates, then never go to church.

"Yeah, I believe in Bill, I thank him for where I am, but quietly.... don't let anyone else know that I'm a Gatesian."