The Embedded Project

I'm working on building a mini-itx machine(parts purchased through DSL store) for computer forensics. The idea driving this is a small, fast portable field foreniscs machine. This can be used for for imaging only or for previewing evidence. And hopefully user freindly enuf that windows addicted Field Detectives can use it with a minimum of re-training.

Of course it will run DSL as its embedded operating system. I admit that I cribbed the case design from John but I wanted to buidl a prototype form what I had laying around...I had some acrylic plexiglass from a nother project and bought the rest at the local hardware store.

After doing some cutting and drilling, I relaized lastnight as I cracked the plex that I need slightly thicker plastic...but oh well its what I had laying around.

I'm just about done redoing the case top and drilling and when its all together I'll post some screenies of the finished machine and some benchmarking tests that I'll run of it doing forensic tasks.

I have one forensic vendor interested in the we may see DSL break into the LE/corporate forensic community...they are porting their tools to linux and I've recommended DSL as the distro...

More to come

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We expect pics! ----------

We expect pics!

Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!





The project continues

The world can breathe a collective sigh of relief that I'm not a hardware designer! Couple of design problems with the project...ok I admit it I was drooling over getting the board up and running and I didnt take as much time to put down on paper how the thing would

The bolts holding the top and bottom of the case are too long. Not a real biggie but I cut some custom bolts and while I love my Dremel tool...cutting metal can be a pain-literally and figuratively. Also some minor snafus with the on/reset switch and leds(The Chimp in me loves twinkly lights)...the biggest problem..

I hooked up the power supply..and..realized the molex connector wasnt quite long enough to reach where I wanted it to..and..I hadnt pulled out the ide to CF converter I bought. I thought he converter was going to hook into the bus off the mobo. Again no big deal...I had a small enough ribbon cable. But now I need to hook the converter to the case somehow...which I think means more drilling into plexy and then finding a fastening method somehow...URRGH...

I want embedded bliss now!!


Ok..I've finished building the case and installing DSL 0.9.2 frugally.
What we have is a 600 mhz maching with 512 MB ram a 512 MB CF card, pci firewire and 2 onboard usb 2.0 ports...

Its Ugly but its alive..its alive..muhahahahaha..

I only cut myself once on the gutter mesh I used( I'm always good for one blood letting)!

Anywho here are some finished pics taken from my home in the computer crimes unit cubicle hell.

More to come as I add Forensic software and do some benchmarking etc..

Jealous Rant! :-)

I can't stand it, I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!

Great job, numenor. Like you, I just can't complete any project without a little blood. My wife just shakes her head.


I think all the projects I have worked on have my "signature" on them.

Coffee Stain ! :)
Sharpie Stain ! :)
Blood Stain ! :)

There's just no getting around it, just accept it..

It's like eating dinner.
If it was really good, you should be wearing some home !

Tnx for the pics, numenor