Confession of n00b.

My last entry explained my desire to be an eternal n00b Well,I have recently discovered that, yes, I am still a n00b, but I am also becoming increasingly aware of the ability of myself and other n00b's to ignore the documentation:
and the usefullness of searching the wealth of knowledge contained in the DSL forums:;CODE=00;f=1

I think I have figured out why more people do not read the information that springs to life when they boot their newly minted LiveCD. As I am sure everyone has noticed, a window opens itself and is put on display as DSL readies itself to be used and abused. I have seen numerous posts about "how do I disable that annoying pop up when DSL starts x?" Well, there is some really good info in there for the n00b. Read it. Not just once. Do not be so quick to disable it unless you have read the entire contents and understand it.

Emergency DNS and web server

I thought it would be neat to burn a bootable version of our DNS and webserver. The Monkey HTTP server works pretty nicely. Now I just have to figure out how to burn the CD with /opt/monkey/htdocs already populated. The same plan should work for DNS (although I haven't found a DSL version of BIND yet).

simple dhcp server howto?

Hi -I'm newbie here. I'd like to innstall DLS on my 128mb Kingostone memory flash to work like a home router. Can You help me how to do this like:

home_1 -dhcp----\
home_2 -dhcp-----> Dsl router --dhcp--> my provider
home_3 -dhcp----/

Thank's for any suggestions!

1.b - Installing GRUB (or removing L99 99 99 .. )

Updated 05/18/2005 - moved to section 1

Dynamic IP Newbie Fun

I know, I know, "Grrrr....Newbies!" But every one of us willing to make the effort to learn something new takes something away from the OS monopoly. Anyway, enough of my defensiveness...

I have loaded up DSL from my newly burned Live CD and it is all well and good, but unless I can learn how to connect to the net it will never be my main operating system. Unfortunately, I can't find much information on where to start, particularly because I have a dynamic IP address. Our broadband is provided, strangely enough, by waitrose, a supermarket here in the UK, and it comes through a Voyager 105 ADSL USB modem.

Another Newbie!!

I only found out about an alternative to MS on Friday and Iam running DSL(LiveCD)today.

Now lets find out how to use it!

Once a bit more familiar I plan to Start with a Server and possibly convert 3PCs and 2 Laptops on home Network at a later date.

Just 1 question to start with:
Why have I got 4 of everything during the setup? Screen is very difficult to read so can't tell if its opperator error (most likely) or a real problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

No more a newbie (just stupid sometimes)

Just read a blog by tronic (Linux is fragmented, and will never be BIG as MS because of the chaos it creates with all its live-cd's and distro's).

Guess he's wrong.

Linux is BIG now and strong just because of that diversity. Linux will be weak when one BIG Linux-corporation will "kill" all the other distro's and replace it with one flavour of pizza. I don't understand all the hate that linux/MS -users have for each other. I use MS and DSL (red hat/suse/mandrake/lycoris.... etc,. etc..) on my pc's and for now i do my banking/administration with MS. (because Linux will not do this for me, OR i am not clever enough to figure it out OR i am a busy parent who hasn't got the time to figure it out OR my family doesn't want to see a strange GUI on the desktop OR ........)

0.# - Frequently Asked Questions (and short answers)

Updated 01.05.2005

mini-itx store changes

We are streamlining the product base in the mini-itx store. Dropping the more esoteric (read expensive) mini-itx boards like the TC 10000. Very few people buy them and when they do it always turns out that there is difficulty obtaining them from the supplier. Instead we are just going to carry the Epia 5000, ME 6000, and the V10000. We will also carry a few of the Nano boards when they finally come out.

With the cases, we are also doing the same thing. We are dropping the Morex 2699 even though it was inexpensive, I think people didn't want them because they look like a VCR. We are also dropping the Castronic cases, they are very nice cases, small and well made, but no one ever ordered them, no doubt it is because of price.

NCLB, a 501(c)3 Organization

Well, after several months of US bureaucracy I finally got the blessing of the federal government for No Computer Left Behind, Inc. to be recognized as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. This will allow me to apply for grants and other things and hopefully will entice larger corporations to donate hardware or possibly warehouse space since they can get a tax write-off for their generosity. Getting hardware has proven to be very easy but getting a place to put it all has not! Hopefully, through a donation or a large grant I will be able to get a ‘home’ for the organization where I can setup workstations and accommodate volunteers.