gotta change my distro

For the last three years I've used SuSE Linux as my crutch, since it makes some annoying configurations very easy....winmodems are supported out of the box, YaST is a very easy GUI configuration tool for most systems files...

but I ran into something tonight that really made me angry. I have been installing gimp from source for the last couple of years without trouble, but with the latest 2.2.2 things went bad. When the configure told me I had to upgrade glib I thought that was reasonable, so I did....then tried upgrading gimp again. I was told to upgrade glib. Hmmm...I just did that. I checked my pkgconfig path, and found it included packages installed both from packages and source. Just to make sure I also installed glib with prefix=/usr, so my packaged glib was also overwritten. Still gimp tells me I have to upgrade glib. I tried to install the latest pango and atk, failing because they want the glib that I have just installed 4 times, followed by ldconfig and a reboot.

Documentation Project

Please feel free to peruse / browse the documentation project pages and comment / reply to posts to add relevant information. This will then be taken out of 'comment' form and added to the book to make it more complete and edited for context, if the information is relevant/accurate.

Thanks for being a great community, DSL users!

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

Permanent Vacation

My wife and I had our INS interview on Thursday and after successfully answering the interviewer's question as to where my wife worked and what her parents names were, they appoved our application on the spot and stamped my passport. All in all, probably less than 5 minutes end-to-end. Good stuff. Not that there should have been any problems, but since these things could effectively derail your life if they go badly wrong I guess I should have been concerned, but for some reason I just sort of new it would all work out. :-)

Yay!! Im here to stay! :-)


Well, last week at work was the first week back from vacation, if ya can grok that. It was mostly a slow week, my boss went to the indoctrination for the new RIP software powering our yet-installed Direct-to-plate system. This thing will make work so much easier, I may be out of a job. Maybe.

Things are speeding up on the network at work. The DNS/mail/webserver machine will be going live and handling company email within the next week or so. I'm pretty sure everything will be okay, but never having to do it for a company before, I'm a little anxious.

I've sent email from the server just fine but I can't receive email at that machine because the DNS points to our current hosting provider's machines. Kinda sucks because there really isn't any way I can test everything before we go live. I'm pretty sure the DNS has all of the correct information, but how the hell am I to know until we go live and something breaks.

I thought the forums were slowing down a bit...

I decided to go ahead and get a journal account. I'd commented on a couple of entries before as Anonymous but had my comments deleted. I went to make another comment on "Flaming" today and thought, "You know, if they don't like it, they'll probably just delete it again. Might as well start up your own account and mirror the comments in your own articles so that at least your opinions will still stand if someone decides to get all delete-happy again."

Well, probably not those words exactly, but most of 'em. The general gist of 'em, at any rate.

What's with flaming? I really don't understand it.

For those of you who don't know, in 'net lingo, flaming is the (usually uncalled for) large-scale verbal berating of a person for having an idea or opinion that differs from your own. It usually contains lots of 4 letter words, wonderful mental inagery, and threats of physical harm if the opinion/idea shows up again.

Anyways, this practice often ends up making the flamer look stupid, and making the flamee, usually a newb, or other inexperienced person, feeling angry and hurt. (face it. stuff people on the internet say affects you the same as what anyone else says.)

Flaming has it's roots in the early days of the internet. It takes the place of things like ritual hazing in fraternities and other clubs/institutions. The same mindset of "since i've been here longer than you, i must somehow be better/smarter/more-attractive-to-the-opposite-sex-even- though-i-have-no-life-because-i-stay-on-the-computer-all-day-and-never-see-a-girl than you".


I am trying to install DSL on to my home computer (Athlon). My system has two disks. There are LVM (Logical Volume Manager) partitions on the disks. I'm running half a dozen different OSs.

When I try to boot DSL 0.9 from CD, X does NOT start. I'm stuck with a console login only. The message log from the boot has errors for each partition that has LVM. Could these LVM partition errors keep X from starting?

DSL on a bootable USB MP3 player?

Has anyone put DSL on a flash based mp3 player? Is anyone interested in having a bootable? I am not referring to the iPod linux craze but something like:

ScanDisk Digital Audio Player (Silver, 1Gig) See at See at

or anything from iRiver, possibly the iFP series?

Well, I guess I should start off by asking if anyone has recommendations for bootable MPS players, or knows if any are as I am still researching this… I believe that this is formatting option for the device drive, and that you would need to partition the drive so that the mp3 player’s OS is not deleted in reformatting... right?

The Embedded Project

I'm working on building a mini-itx machine(parts purchased through DSL store) for computer forensics. The idea driving this is a small, fast portable field foreniscs machine. This can be used for for imaging only or for previewing evidence. And hopefully user freindly enuf that windows addicted Field Detectives can use it with a minimum of re-training.

Of course it will run DSL as its embedded operating system. I admit that I cribbed the case design from John but I wanted to buidl a prototype form what I had laying around...I had some acrylic plexiglass from a nother project and bought the rest at the local hardware store.

more configs

I wasted some precious time yesterday, but ended up with what I hope will eventually evolve into a conveniently-organzed theme switcher for Fluxbox. I'm not talking about just changing styles, but changing visual settings of other applications as well (maybe icon sets, too). Since I use a lot of text based applications, it's particularly useful for me to modify the foreground color of aterm and the bash prompt to blend with the chosen fluxbox style.

Currently I have a system set up in my liveCD backups which allow me to chose just before loading X which theme I want. If I do nothing, Fluxbox will look like this black&white screenshot

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