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Release Candidate 1 Now Available
In addition to the changes in Alpha 2, I have made the following adjustments:
  • Added "Set Date and Time" widget to Control Center.
  • Incorporated DSL's Live USB making script into Control Center.
  • Added IP into Conky.
  • Incorporated DSL-specific scripts into the automatic menuing system and integrated the system menu into the default menu in JWM and Fluxbox.
  • Added the firmware-misc-nonfree package—this should significantly enhance DSL's hardware support.
  • Updated the included FAQs with useful information.
  • Made available a low-compression build that should perform better in virtual machines.
That's really appreciated, thanks! Downloading now, I'll let you know how this goes once I've verified the md5sums & loaded onto my Ventoy sticks.

Would it be helpful to add the timings to the other thread?
Thanks BG405, the timing should be near identical to the testing lz4 iso you tried out earlier, maybe just a tiny bit quicker.
Thanks for this new cut John! Was just waiting for something to sink my teeth in. Have made some initial testings with the larger rc1 iso both in VMware Workstation and Qemu. All from Windows 11 as host. First I'll mention a "typo" kind of thing. Booting in Qemu it says "Damn Small Linux Alpha" not RC1 in other words. This is just a cosmetic issue. In Qemu the rc1 works just like the alpha. I get a full 1920x1080 resolution but no sound. In VMware it boots fast also in normal boot. What I can't understand though is that I just get a 800x600 resolution in normal boot. Booting from "safe" I get 1024x768. The alpha2 gave me 1280x768 in "safe" mode. Strange, isn't it? From inside DSL I can change the resolution but then I get a tiled background (4 images or so and Conky in the middle). I'll give it some more testing to see what happens.

// meo

PS Took some screenshots but it seems I can't attach them in Quick Reply DS
Thank you for mentioning "Alpha" appearing in Qemu, I'll take care of that.
Hi again John! This is getting kind of weird. When using the smaller iso I get a resolution of 1280x768 as with the second alpha. And not just that. I allocated 8 GB of RAM just to test the resolution again. It didn't change using the larger iso. Back to the smaller rc1 I allocated 8 GB of RAM and I got the 1280x768 resolution but it was kind of unstable Conky was flickering. Now I had installed, applied the file restore and updated. So I changed the amount of RAM to 2GB and that stabilized the whole thing. Kind of weird. I'm typing this using Firefox in rc1 and not even the fan starts. Kind of backwards but if it works Good I don't mind. If I find something else worth mentioning I'll post it.

// meo
Meo, do you mind posting a screenshot of where it is saying "Alpha"? Thanks!
OK! Here comes the screenshot.

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There's still a few "Alphas" in the grub.cfg I installed in VBox but I can't swear causality for that perhaps what you named it in QEMU?
Menu entries in grub.cfg still contain "Alpha", FWIW.

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