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Is there a program you want to use with DSL, but needs to be compiled? Are you having a hard time compiling it? List here your name, desired program, it's license (or link to it) and home page, and the current date. If you're lucky, maybe one of the extension smurfs will come along and make it for you. You might also want to include your email address after your name, because there is a delay between when an extension is finished and sent to roberts, and when it appears in the testing repository.

Here is an example of how I expect requests and answers to be formatted:

Winter Knight (wk@spambob.com) : radical program : GPL : www.example.com/radical : 2006-1-11

If you're helping out by making an extension someone else requested on this page, add your name and the status at the end of the line:

Winter Knight (wk@spambob.com) : radical program : GPL : www.example.com/radical : 2006-1-11 - Bob (working on it. should be done within a few hours.)

Write new requests at the top of the list. Make sure there is a space between your request and the one after it, otherwise they will both show up on the same line. If you've decided to accept a request, move that request below the unanswered requests, but above the other requests being worked on. Delete requests that appear in the repositories.

If you take on a request, but cannot complete it for some reason, move the request back to the top of this page. Please specify what you did, and what you had trouble with on the Talk Page. Any questions or comments that don't fit my specified format should be asked or commented on the Talk Page.

Extension Requests:

anyone actually made mydsl extension anymore? how about updating all those old outdated mydsl first...

Antony Lees (antonylees at gmail.com) : umbrello (uml modeller) : GPL : http://uml.sourceforge.net/index.php : 2008-01-22

C. Casoni (fantasyfactory at hotmail.com) : unixtree (best file-manager ever) : GPL : http://www.unixtree.org/ : 2007-12-7

B. Glentved (brian_glentved at hotmail.com) : rainemu arcade emulator : GPL : http://www.rainemu.com/ : 2007-12-03

Dosemu (galmu_noz@yahoo.com):2007-11-29

C. Sullivan (feedle/feedle.net): Transcode utilities [and dependency ffmpeg]: GPL (ffmpeg:LGPL) : http://www.transcoding.org : 2007-11-12

Andrew (andrew021@gmail.com) : hsf/hcf modem drivers(@56k) : Free : http://www.int21.de/conexant/ : 2007-10-15

Kunt William (kuntwilliam@yahoo.com) : SPLAT! RF Signal Propagation : GPL : http://www.qsl.net/kd2bd/splat.html : 2007-10-04

Joseph George : VMWare Player : GPL? http://vmware.com/download/eula/player.html : http://vmware.com/download/player/open_source.html : 2007-09-24

Bob Rebres (robert.rebres@ucsf.edu) : OpenOffice 2.3 (latest) : LGPL : http://www.openoffice.org/ : 2007-09-20

Fioddor (PM via DSL forums): MemTest86 : GPL : http://www.memtest86.com : 2007-08-04

John Roberts (cyspy@orange.net) : Fpit Stylistic LT Input Driver :(http://www.xfree86.org/current/fpit.4.html) : 2007-07-19

Rigas Wendel (rigas at beerman de) : Get it together - mt-daapd client : GPL : (http://sourceforge.net/projects/getittogether/) : 2007-05-17

Dr. Jose Helo (josehelo@costarricense.cr) : drscheme - plt programming language : GPL : (http://www.drscheme.org) : 2007-05-14

Stefan de Konink (skinkie at xs four all.nl) : motif / lesstif : LGPL : http://www.lesstif.org/ : 2007-3-22

Rick K. (k0vj@arrl.net) : VICE - emulator for many Commodore computers : GPL : (http://www.viceteam.org/) : 2007-03-15

tn5250 terminal emulation for AS400. (http://tn5250.sourceforge.net/). I tried to install the debian version but failed.

Dave Syer (david_syer@hotmail.com) : offlineimap - mail synchronization, python-based : GPL : http://software.complete.org/offlineimap : 2007-04-14

Dave Syer (david_syer@hotmail.com) : mutt - mail client : GPL : http://www.mutt.org/ : 2007-04-14

Craig P (craigwp@netspace.net.au) : any desktop / graphical bittorrent client please : 2007-04-21

Hassovr (hassovr@yahoo.co.uk) : smartlink /modemdriver (slmdm, slmodem) my ram is too small,128mb : 2007-05-29

mehmet S. (mehmetsencan@gmail.com) :wireless card driver for ipw3945(http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/) : 2007-07-01

S├ębastien SAUVAGE (sebsauvage at sebsauvage dot net) : NTFS read/write driver (FUSE-based) : GPL : http://www.ntfs-3g.org/ : 2007-07-02 :

Josh Bryan (josh.bryan at gmail dot com) : openvpn (SSL based vpn solution) : GPL : (http://openvpn.net) : 2007-8-9 - Uncle Warthog (jeffb at emailmv doc com) (uploaded to mydsl test 2008-03-18)

Dietmar Schmidt (schmidt at pkruit dot de) : Citrix ICA Client (Version 6.3) : unknown : http://megane.flaven.de/ICAClient-6.3.dsl : 2007-09-18

Andrew H : any UPNP Media Server please : 2007-09-30