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If this is "by far the most common question", then perhaps some mention of it should be put on the FAQ page? 19 June 2007 04:11 (EDT)

I am trying to install A dlink DWL-G630 onto a DSL install. I cant seem to get the package to install, anyone with a tutorial or step by step?

Actiontec 802U13

I have added the Actiontec 802U13 Prism 2 USB card to the list of cards that will work with the Prism2 GUI. It's a pretty old card now but you might come across one. Whittycat 29 April 2007 06:23 (EDT)

The 11wave\11WP611AL card is supported.. Is there a way to get the 11WP611AL-E working? It says unsupported card.

Ralink PCMCIA Cards

The Ralink cards are listed as supported out of the box here -- they are supposed to be supported in the Linux kernel since they have open drivers and have worked with the linux community. I have just tried my Ralink 2561 (Edimax brand) chip card and it is unrecognized on DSL 4.4.7. It normally loads with the Ralink RT61 driver on other flavors of Linux, including Puppy. PCMCIA in the DSL Control Panel says unrecognized card.

-- I think the railink card's drivers are made for the 2.6 kernel not for the 2.4 branch. Sorry.

Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

Hi guys, this card works. The procedure here:;f=7;t=18938