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How to Check the MD5 Hash

Here's what needs to be added re: How to check the MD5 hash.

1) Open a "terminal" (e.g., Bash windown) 2) type "md5sum filename" 3) this will generate a hash sum that you can 4) compare with the hash sum found in the filename.md5 file

~I will add this when I get home. . . SK

persistent loaded extensions

Hi, I have loaded a couple of different extensions and I notice that the behavoir is different for them. Can anyone offer me some advice here? I'm happy to update the wiki based on what I learn. When I installed python it works fine until I reboot and then it is gone. When I installed vncserver it continued working even after reboot. I am using a hdd installation and I followed the hdd installation instructions on the wiki. Thanks for any help. --MattF 27 August 2007 15:28 (EDT)