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Is there a clear cut way to add a new page to an existing locked category?

For example, I'm wanting to add a canonical list of dsl boot-time cheatcodes to the boot dsl section, but there is no way for me to make a link to start the page. (dare2dreamer)

Just add the [[Category:Whatever]] at the bottom of the page and it will be added to the category.

More than one category is fine, and preferred, especially with the Documentation category.

Editus: Oh, I see what you mean. A comprehensive list of cheatcodes, linked on the main page.

I'll add a link.



code formatting policy

I'm curious as to the policy set out here advising how to include code in a wiki page. Why is using 8 spaces instead of 1 preferable? It takes up more screen space meaning the wiki won't display as well at lower resolutions. Also if someone if copying and pasting from the wiki it means they'll end up with lots of unecessary whitespace. Whats wrong with

A box like this?

--Friedgold 27 August 2005 07:08 (EDT)

category bug?

Either a lack of knowledge on my part or something wrong here. I added [[Category:Documentation]] and everything was fine, but adding [[Category:Wiki]] somehow injected my page into Talk:How To Use This Wiki. bwah? And my original page was deleted. Are we sure that categories aren't just for internal organization of a page, or possibly the Wiki category is set up wrong? --Undertow 27 August 2005 17:51 (EDT)

update: im a fool

looking at the history, i see that JP is adding my stuff to this page

  • bangs head against keyboard repeatedly*

NOTE TO SELF: look at history! -Undertow 27 August 2005 17:55 (EDT)

Can not create new accounts

Have you turned off account creation? Using this Bugmenot account was the only way I could login. Special:Userlogin does not contain the option to create a new account, and it's not because my IP is blocked (I checked the block log). It's also rather hard to find anywhere to report this problem since you've protected the usual discussion pages, like talk:Main Page and project talk:Community Portal. What is the point in protecting those pages? If it's locked due to spam, please just install the SpamBlacklist extension. It's a lot of effort to go to when I just wanted to correct one broken link. I hope installing DSL isn't going to be as hard as editing this wiki was... Bugmenot 25 July 2006 07:16 (EDT)