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In the example at the bottom, you have acpi=off, but this is not listed in the cheatcodes.

A: From my point of view this is related to the BIOS of the computer. After deleting this cheat code i also get information about the battery status of my laptop.


From : what does Note that ucis which mount here will not be here on reboot mean? Thanks.

A: Unless you auto-load UCI packages, none will be mounted (installed) when you reboot, even if you have a traditional debian-style harddrive installation. UCI packages are mounted, not installed, so they umount when you shut down the system.


probably stands for "File system in USErspace", a kernel module that allows the real file system code to run as a user space daemon, communicating with the kernel through /dev/fuse. It is used by NTFS utils for ntfsmount for example. What this actually implies as a boot option, I don't know.


I want to boot an older laptop from the harddisk so I need to use fb800x600 and dsl fromhd=/dev/hda1. The boot: prompt only takes one and then boots. Can someone explain how to use both parameters?

to 'dsl' or not

It would be very helpful if someone with the understanding could explain the Why, When, and Where of using "dsl" in the boot line. The subject is a confusing one, and honestly seems quite illogical to someone who doesn't see a reason for it in the first place.

A: Historically, a user would type "linux" at the lilo/loadlin command line, to run linux, or "dos", or "other", to run another operating system. Just pressing enter, with no text on the command line, would load the default OS. If they wanted special lilo or kernel options, such as init=/bin/sh, they would append those to "linux". DSL replaces "linux" with "dsl".

"expert", or "install", or "fb800x600" are not kernel options. They are special alternatives to "dsl". "fb800x600", for example, is equivalent to "dsl vga=791". Typing "dsl fb800x600" would result in the text fb800x600 being sent to the dsl kernel, which would either ignore it, or result in error.