Swap in Secondary HDD

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It's me again, Ka-nacho, I recently added a second Hard Disk to my machine. So I expiremented with the swap once again. Seeing as my drive happens to be a 30GB drive, I formatted it and created the following partitions: 4GB swap and 25GB ext3 for storage. For those who dont know much bout partitioning a hard disk, open Qtparted, select the hard disk you wish to do this with, FORMAT the drive, WARNING: FORMATTING WILL EREASE ALL DATA ON THE DRIVE REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS, create partition number one, size needs to be 4GB, filesystem needs to be linux-swap, if you want to create you other partitions now, for example I created my 25GB ext3 storage partition. Once ready, commit all changes to disk. Once that is done, open a root prompt, and type "swapon -v 'path to device here'", and everything should work, this way of using swap is much faster than USB on my machine. Enjoy all low ram users like me :) -Contributed to the Damn Small Linux Wiki by ka-nacho and joeytech23 from http://www.joeytech.webs.com-