Save to drive

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Saving to a drive in DSL isn't one of the more intuitive things in life, so here is what should be a guide:

This is for DSL v1.5:

DSL should recognize your drives at boot, but make sure you have a panel in the bar to the lower right that has:

 An icon of a drive, a title for each drive, a left and a right arrow, and a bar next to the
 arrows with a squiggly in it

If you for some reason do not have this box, right click on the desktop, and "Run Program"

  Once you have made sure you have this mounting box, (If you are saving to a drive with media in    
  it, (floppy, cd-rom, ect, make sure you have the disk inserted before clicking the bar) click on 
  the bar with a squiggly and wait until it turns green. Once that happens, you can now save to the  
  drive, under (mounted-drive-title)/ or mnt/(mounted-drive-title)

Hopefully this will work, but if it doesn't, try the IRC channel.