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About Knoppix

Knoppix is a popular Linux Live CD or DVD developed by Klaus Knopper based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. It is noted for it's excellent hardware detection and the wide range of software packages included. The default desktop enviroment is KDE. It is possible to boot into a number of other desktop enviroments using boot time options. Because of it's hardware detection abilities Knoppix is often used as a base for other Linux Live CDs.

DSL and Knoppix

Although initially based on Model K, a 22MB hack-down of Knoppix, DSL is now based on Knoppix. DSL versions 0.8 up through 1.5 are based upon Knoppix v3.4 dated 5-17-2004. Knoppix's influence on DSL can be seen in the heavy use of cheat codes, the hardware detection process , the boot process and the HD install script. Remastering DSL isn't much different from remastering Knoppix or a number of other Knoppix based derivatives.

If you are trying to compile programs for use in DSL you may find Knoppix helpful. Knoppix contains a number of packages for compiling applications which must need to be downloaded seperately when using DSL.