Enable Joypad Support

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This seems kinda banal, but with an SNES and a VBA emulator available for DSL, I think it's important that the users know how to enable a joypad.

       sudo insmod joydev

That's all that must be done.

Of course, I hear you ask: "But I gotta do it every time I boot. How can I make it an automatic thing?"

Shove it in an init script. I keep mine in /sbin/hotplug-knoppix (since it's a hotpluggable device, and all). just add:

       insmod joydev

to the end of /sbin/hotplug-knoppix and you'll have your joypads - USB or old-skool gamepad type - available even if you don't elect to enter X.

Another method for making this, or any other "system" sort of command, a permanent part of your DSL experience is to add the commands to /opt/bootlocal.sh

Oh, and to test if it's really working, try typing

       cat /dev/input/js0

If you see weird stuff scrolling on your screen whenever you move your pad, you're ready to game.

(Thanks to Fordi)

To enable a Sidewinder joypad on your gameport, add these lines to /opt/bootlocal.sh:

       modprobe ns558
       modprobe gameport
       modprobe sidewinder