Creating a unc Extension

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You can do it the hard way, or, you can:

1. First download (or first create and test if necessary) a someextension.dsl extension.

2. Copy and paste user WDef's script dsl2unc into a text file and save as /home/dsl/dsl2unc (check the end of the forum thread for any updates). Make sure dsl2unc is executable:

~# chmod +x dsl2unc

3. Assuming dsl2unc and someextension.dsl are both in /home/dsl, do:

~# ./dsl2unc someextension.dsl

This should output someextension.unc

That's it. So if making a .dsl extension, there's no reason you shouldn't make a quick unc while you're at it!


1. If making someextension.dsl extension from scratch followed by a .unc extension, don't bother pruning READMEs, man pages and other docs etc out of the someextension.dsl before running dsl2unc. Unc extensions don't use any ramdisk, so please don't remove these files - they might come in handy to some unc user (of course be sure to trim all of these out for the final someextension.dsl extension that you intend to post to the repo).

2. dsl2unc can be run in batch mode on a whole directory full of .dsl extensions using the wildcard ' * ' :

~# cd dir_full_of_dsls

~# dsl2unc *