Configuring a Prism2 Wireless Card

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Configuring a Prism2 Wireless Card

If your wireless card can use the Prism2 driver, here's how to get it going.

  • Start DSLPanel, and click the Prism2 button
  • Unless you have more than one wireless card, leave the box that says "wlan0" alone.
  • Enter the name of your wireless access point.
  • Enter the channel your wireless access point is using.
  • If you are using WEP security, enter the key. The key should be in hex, and you must put a ":" between every pair of digits.
  • Hit "OK". After a short pause, if you entered everything correctly, you should be connected.

Once the card works using this method, follow these steps so you don't have to do it every time you restart your machine.

  • The process above created a file called in the /opt directory. This script sets up your card as you specified in the GUI.
  • Add the line "opt/" to your /home/dsl/.filetool.lst file to ensure the file is added to your backup, and available every reboot.
  • Add the line "/opt/" to your /opt/ file to run your prism2 configuration automatically when the system starts up.