Damn Cheap Shipping

For smaller orders we are going to ship US Priority Mail, and for larger orders (cases, motherboards, etc) we are going to ship via FedEx ground.

Why you may ask? Because it is a lot cheaper! I think most people would rather wait an extra day or two to save as much as 500% in shipping charges.

We no longer ship hardware internationally, sorry! International orders have proven to be very complicated and time consuming. That, coupled with a large amount of fraud makes international shipping risky and unprofitable. We are still ship CDs and USBs internationally.

How long will it take to ship?

Orders usually go out once or twice a week. Sometimes we do fall behind and orders may take over a week to fulfill -- please be patient the store is only staffed part time. Complete computer systems sometimes take a little longer because they need to be assembled and tested.

If you have questions about your order email us ( John2 _AT_ damnsmalllinux.org ) and let us know.
Emails are checked once or twice a week.


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